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Sirra is India’s leading rice exporter. We are the best and most trusted company on the market. We can provide delicious and high-quality products with all the satisfactory services. We are known as rice mill exporter india and supply the best quality products all across the country. We do not compromise on the nutritional and quality of rice. India is the second largest rice exporter country, after China and Japan. India is the largest rice producer and exporter in the world. Sirra is India’s Wholesale Rice Suppliers.


Wholesale Rice Suppliers In India, Rice Dealer in India

We have been supplying high-quality rice varieties to our customers for decades outside India. We have all the resources necessary to complete the process. We are a leading Indian rice supplier, dealer, distributor, and manufacturer exporter of rice from India. We offer normal, non-pesticide, and other varieties. To provide top-quality rice grains for our customers, we have combined modern and classical rice processing methods. Our rice is highly sought after for its high nutritional content, fresh fragrance, long shelf life, and pure taste. Because it is the longest rice in the World, and because of its unique taste and aroma, our rice is highly sought after by chefs all over the globe. After cooking, its length doubles and the grains last longer than nonstick. People also show great admiration for our products and cheer on our amazing recipes.

We are able to produce pure rice without affecting its natural characteristics. Our entire rice range is ISO certified. We have stringent property inspections at every stage, from breeding and harvesting to storage and milling, to final packaging.

Frequently asked questions about rice exporter, manufacturer, distributor from India

Question: In India, which rice varieties are commonly exported, manufactured, and distributed?

Answer: India is well-known for producing and exporting an assortment of rice varieties, such as Basmati rice, non-Basmati rice, parboiled and aromatic varieties – each variety having different grain lengths, colours and textures.

Question: What steps are involved in rice manufacturing and distribution in India?

Answer: Rice production typically entails harvesting, cleaning, milling, polishing and packaging processes in India before being distributed through distributors and exporters to local and global markets.

Question: What are the quality standards for rice manufacturing and distribution in India?

Answer: In India, APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) establishes quality standards for rice manufacturing and distribution. These standards cover various quality aspects, such as grain size, colour, texture and cooking qualities.

Question: Where are India’s major markets for exporting rice?

Answer:: The Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia are major markets for India’s rice exports. India is one of the world’s top rice exporters, and its products enjoy high demand due to its reputation for producing high-quality grains at highly competitive prices.

Question: What challenges are rice exporters, manufacturers and distributors facing in India?

Answer:: India’s rice exporters, manufacturers and distributors face several difficulties related to fluctuating prices, changing government policies and competition from other rice-producing nations. There can also be logistical and transportation challenges when exporting to distant markets.

Question: What are the advantages of purchasing rice from Indian manufacturers and distributors?

Answer:: There are numerous benefits associated with purchasing from an Indian producer or distributor of your product.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing from Indian rice manufacturers and distributors is their wide variety of types, competitive pricing and high-quality standards. Indian rice is also known for its distinct aroma, flavour and texture, making it so beloved among consumers around the globe.

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Sirra Foods stands as testament to our name – which means the best. A family-run enterprise, we currently specialize in rice and edible oils grown on some of the finest farms of Punjab.

C-13, Flower Enclave Road, Phullanwal, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

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+91 80762-34260


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Sirra means the best and acting by our name, Sirra Foods is a family-owned business that offers a variety of foodstuff primarily confined to rice and edible oils which are grown in the finest farms of Punjab. DM for business opportunities.

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